Ëuřoþa, whãt's going on?

The future of a digital Europe is shaped by the desires of all Europeans and is not formulated by a technical feasibility.

cc.eu invites to explore and develop digital cultural spaces in an interdisciplinary way in order to formulate a desirability for a future Europe in such a way that it becomes discussable with actors from politics and business.

cc.eu wondeřş:

  • Can only

    Can only

    a digitized Europe be just?

  • Is there

    Is there

    a young, European consciousness?

  • How can

    How can

    we make old and new positions negotiable?


Ëuŗoþe ńot foűŋd

cc.eu is a co-creation space for Europe's digital future that aims to broaden the discourse around what is technically feasible with cultural and social perspectives.

By bringing together many perspectives, we outline a European future and collect voices from a generation that is just discovering it for themselves.

In this way, we want to contribute to figuring out how we want to live together in Europe and what role the cultural and digital infrastructure plays in this.

Thę fűture of Ëuřope
— in storiēs where it is vişible today.

Who goēs on thę trip:

Janis Gebhardt studied German, philosophy and literature in Frankfurt, Berlin and Cambridge.

Marcus Naumann is a product strategist at the strategy consultancy child in Frankfurt and a sharp critic of transhumanism from California.

Johannes Nichelmann is an independent journalist for public broadcasting, a non-fiction author and studied political science at the Free University of Berlin.

Angela Kesselring works and speaks on economic and civil society issues of the present and future. She develops solutions, tools and routines for collective action.

Michaela Garito lives and works in Biarritz, France. She is committed to the feasibility of art and culture in gentrified spaces. As a textile engineer and cultural scientist, she is concerned with the meaning of material values and the making of meaning in digital space.

Jutta Carina is an international communications and strategy expert. Born in South Africa and raised in Germany, Jutta is a global European at heart. She firmly believes that tomorrow's companies will only create economic value if they also look for ways to create social and cultural value.

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